Government Compliance


Small governments need an IT provider that specializes in customized solutions to guide them through government compliance and other industry-specific challenges. Centerlogic has experience providing quality solutions through tough economic times, and exponential growth.

Consistent Government Team Based Support for Your Every Need. We provide relationship based professional support. Centerlogic will train a primary and secondary consultant on the specifics of your infrastructure. We also provide each client with a senior engineer and Helpdesk Staff to be available as needed. Centerlogic provides a customized IT department for your network infrastructure at a fraction of the total cost to have your own in house department.

Technology Consulting & Design Services - Our consulting team will review project plans and ensure that we're providing the best solution for your specific infrastructure. 

Budget Planning and Business Impact of Technology Decisions - Our support teams will work together with you to ensure that we're doing everything we can to limit your exposure to unexpected downtime. We will strive to work with managers to plan ahead!

24x7 Systems Management- Manage Server and firewall solutions even while you offices are closed. 

Manage Long-term Relationships - We will maintain the relationships between your current technology vendors.

Warranty and Agreement Tracking - As we assist with new (and sometimes old) vendor warranties and agreements, we can help track expirations and document agreements details.

Compliance Assistance - CJIS, FIPS, and PCI compliance solutions that assist government entities to meet their responsibilities for protecting sensitive information and credit card privacy. 

Finding a Solutions for ANY need - If we don’t deal with something directly we manage a vetted list of referral partners which can better answer questions and implement solutions.